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Shampoo is a  hair care product. It comes in a liquid form and an alternative to traditional soap. The main function of shampoo is cleansing hair. But, nowadays, Brands are adding more features to shampoo like moisturizing, hair strengthening and dandruff removing. For many reasons, We need shampooing our hair daily, occasionally or weekly. So, we should know when should we shampoo, how often should we shampoo, types of shampoo and how to use them properly.

Benefits of Shampoo

  1. Cleanse hair and scalp
  2. Removes and prevents dandruff
  3. Repair damaged Hair
  4. Condition your Hair
  5. Prevent hair fall
  6. Helps to keep your hair manageable
  7. Makes your hair shine and healthy
  8. Helps to grow hair
  9. Moisturize hair and prevents dryness
  10. Maintain PH Balance on the scalp
  11. Remove greasiness and oils from the hair
  12. Hydrate your scalp
  13. Provides taxure and smoothness from the hair
  14. Preserve hair color

Side effects of shampoo

Although there are lots of benefits of shampoo, there are many problems of shampoo. Without proper use of shampoo, Your Hair may suffers the followings.

Shampoo containing sodium laureth sulfate may harm eyes and skin . You may suffers from headache, vertigo, soreness in the eyes, nose, throat and lungs. You also may fall into the risks of  new hair growth. You may suffers from hair loss for long period.
This type of shampoo worsen hair follicles.

Besides this chemical there are many harmful ingredients, They may create the side effects.

Tips to avoid shampoo side effects or reaction

  • Always buy products from the trusted sellers
  • Buy products recommended by authority person, sources , friends and  relatives
  • Follow shoppers reviews
  • Review ingredients
  • Follow the directions provided by the manufacturer and their usage rules
  • Buy branded products
  • Do not use paraben containing shampoo for long term.
  • Try to avoid using too much sulfate containing shampoo

Difference between shampoo and conditioner

  1. People apply shampoo to clean hair and to remove effectively dirt, oil and greasiness from the hair. On the other side, People apply conditioner to improve their hair appearance. It helps to moisturize hair and provide texture, smoothness of the hair.
  2. After shampooing, you have to use conditioner
  3. You can apply shampoo daily. But you can not apply conditioner more that three time in a week

Types of shampoo and usage 

There are many types of shampoo based on usage of shampoo.

Clarifying shampoo

Clarifying shampoo helps to remove other products from the hair and scalp. Like hard wax, hair color, hair wax, hair gel and more. It is very harsh. So, you can not use it daily. You should not use it more than one time in a week.

Color protecting shampoo

color protecting shampoo preserves of your artificial hair color. It only clear dirt and oils from the hair and scalp. It will remove your hair dying color.

Keratin shampoo

Keratin shampoo helps to repair damaged hair. Keratin is protein that found on hair. The lower the amount of keratin on hair, The more brittle and damaged your hair. If you want to increase the amount of keratin on your hair, you can use keratin shampoo and make your hair stronger and healthier.

Medicated shampoo

Medicated shampoo is designed for sensitive scalp. Doctors recommend medicated shampoo for treating dandruff, lice, flakes and itching.

Paraben free shampoo

Paraben is a one kind of chemical. It works as a preservative on the shampoo. It helps to prevent bacteria growth on the shampoo and increase it,s self life. Most commonly used paraben on the shampoo and other beauty products are methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben, isopropylparaben, isobutylparaben, benzylparaben. Long term use of paraben containing shampoo may be harmful for your scalp and hair. So, For long term use of shampoo and to lower hair and scalp risks, You can use paraben free shampoo.

Moisturizing shampoo or dry hair shampoo

This type shampoo is designed for dry hair. It helps to provide moisture on the hair and scalp. It helps to improves the looks of hair. It makes your hair more shiner and smoother.

Sulfate-free shampoo

Sulfate is a chemical. It is used in the shampoo to remove dead skin cell from the scalp. But If you use sulfate containing shampoo  excessively or long term basis, It may loss moisture on the hair and scalp and harm hair proteins. So, People love sulfate free shampoo to avoid this risks. It is very gentle and can be used long term basis.

Neutralizing Shampoo

Neutralizing shampoo is know as a PH balanced shampoo. It helps to keep re-balanced hair PH evel. The Ph level may be changed by various hair care products. Neutralizing shampoo restore the balanced level of PH.

Swimmers shampoo or Chelating shampoo

This type of shampoo is very important for swimmers. It helps to clear chlorine, metals, minerals and copper that are deposited on the scalp and hair from the pool water. They damage hair and scalp. Based on this problem, Swimmers or chelating shampoo specially formulated.

Volumizing shampoo

This type of shampoo helps to give volume on your shampoo. It is also known as hair bounce. This is done by opening up hair cuticles.

2 in 1 shampoo

It works as both conditioner and shampoo. It gently cleanses hair.

Oily Hair shampoo

It is similar to clarifying shampoo. It is specially made to remove excessive sebum from the hair and scalp. It contains detergent and works slightly conditioner. It is not as harsh as clarifying shampoo.

Dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is an amazing type of shampoo. If you do not want to wash your hair and want to look less greasy and more fresh, it may be a handy item for you. Just use it. It will absorb excessive oil and clear your hair.

Which one is the best for me?

It depends on your purpose. Why should you use shampoo and which problems do you want to solve using shampoo. Different types shampoo made on different purpose on concerns. So, You should select based on your concern.

How to use shampoo

All most all types of shampoo usage is same except dry shampoo. As dry shampoo is in a spray formula, It have to apply with sprayer.

How to use dry shampoo bd

Top Brands on Shampoo in Bangladesh

Garnier, Dove, loreal, Clinic plus, XHC, Herbal Essence, Vatika, sunsilk, Follow m, Nizoral, Head and shoulders. Pantene, Tresemme and Watson