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What is Tea?

Tea is drinkable hot water containing tea flavor. Tea is made with the grain of tea leaves. It is popular all over the world. Drinking tea is an integral part of our daily life.  It does not only refresh our mind but also has many health benefits of Tea.

Types of tea

There are many types of tea. They are Black Tea, Green Tea, Chamomile Tea, White Tea, Herbal Tea, Hibiscus Tea, Rooibos Tea, Chrysanthemum Tea, Pu’erh Tea, and more.

Benefits of Tea

There are many benefits of Tea. Here are some benefits of tea.

Good for the heart

Studies show that drinking red tea helps prevent cardiovascular problems. The antioxidants in it work to prevent the oxidation of harmful cholesterol. Regular drinking of red tea keeps the heart well.

Cancer prevention

The antioxidants in red tea prevent rectal, uterine cancer, lung and bladder cancers. It also works to prevent breast cancer, prostate cancer, and stomach cancer.

Increases immunity

Red tea enhances immunity. The tannins in it protect the body from flu, cold, and influenza attacks. Taking four cups of red tea daily reduces inflammation.

Maintains good oral health

An antioxidant prevents oral cancer. The antibacterial ingredients in it prevent the bacteria that cause tooth decay. In addition, the fluoride in it eliminates bad breath.

Stimulates the brain and nervous system

Red tea improves blood circulation. It helps to relax the brain and increases concentration at work. Drinking four cups of red tea every day reduces stress.

Improves digestion

The tannins in it help the digestive process. It fights intestinal problems and gastric problems. Red tea also works to prevent intestinal inflammation.