Almond Nuts 1kg

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almond nuts

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Almond Nuts in Bangladesh
Almond Nuts : I have come today with wood nuts / almonds.

In fact, it is more tasty to eat.  You Put 8/10 almonds for breakfast every morning.  You will see that you will get rid of many diseases.

Let me tell you a little bit about its functions: –

Rich in nutrients, these nuts relieve constipation, reduce respiratory problems, reduce the risk of heart disease, and eliminate anemia.  It is good for hair and skin: Also –

Almond Nuts 1kg

Benefits of Almond Nuts

 1. Increases digestion capacity:

Most of the people are suffering from digestion. It happens by over eating or irregular eating. To prevent acidity,  You can eat almond.

2. Eliminates the problem of constipation

3.Good for the heart:

In the presence now,  many peaple are suffering heart problem. We know that heart attack are happened by overthinking or high blood pressure. By eating almond, we can safe our heart by many diseases.

4.  Increases energy:

To live in the world,  energy is the primary and fundamental things. If you want to save and increase  your energy, you should eat almond.

5. Increases brain function:

Brain can be compared with a engine. Because,  multiplicity works are done by using brain. That’s why, we should need to cool the brain always. Sometimes,  we are tired to work a long time, in this time we can eat almond to fresh our mind an brain.

6. Should be eaten during pregnancy:

It helps in reducing the problem of newborn birth.  It is needed to prevent any kind of birth defect in the baby.

7. Keeps bones and teeth well: 

The phosphorus, minerals and vitamins in walnuts protect bones and teeth.

8. Increases immunity: 

Almonds are a food rich in alkaline.  It helps to increase immunity.  Protects against cancer and lung diseases.

9. Controls high blood pressure: 

in our country,  most of the people are suffering from blood pressure because it ups and downs always.  That’s why, you should eat almond to safe and prevent high and low your blood pressure.

Size: 1kg

Country of origin:India

Almond Nuts 1kg Almond Nuts 1kg


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