Aloo Bukhara Dry Fruit

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aloo Bukhara

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Alu Bukhara, Aloo Bukhara or aalu Bukhara in Bangladesh

Alu Bukhara, Aloo Bukhara , Alo Bukhara or aalu Bukhara: it is one kind of dry fruits. Describing Aloo Bukhara nutritional value in a few words is very tough. I will try to describe aloo Bukhara nutritional value and health benefits in a few words. So, you will be able to know it’s importance for health

Aloo Bukhara Dry Fruit

Aloo Bukhara is rich in extraordinary nutrients.  Aloo Bukhara is called by different names in different places.  It is called by various names including Kattingka, Flaumen, Hanita, Awabakhar, Presenta.

In Bangladesh (BD) it is commonly called Alu Bukhara, Aloo Bukhara or aalu  Bukhara dry fruit.  Although we usually know the name of aloo Bukhara, many people do not know about its nutritional value.  There are many health benefits to playing it.

Aloo Bukhara Dry Fruit

Aloo Bukhara is usually used in cooking polao, biryani etc.

So let’s learn about the many Aloo Bukhara benefits:

Aloo Bukhara Dry Fruit


 1.  Helps to retain youth:

Aloo bukhara is a natural laxative and anti-compulsive quality that is appreciated by older people all over the world.  Whether eaten fresh or dried, this fruit is one of the most nutritious foods.


 2.  Eliminates constipation: 

On average, 100 grams of prunes contain only 50 grams of calories, which is also suitable for figure conscious.  There is no pair of prunes to relieve constipation.


 3.  Keeps blood circulation normal:

Aloo peel has a variety of properties that help to keep the blood circulation in the human body normal.


4.  Controls weight:

It works great for weight control.  It works great for maintaining youth and weight control.


 5.  Source of vitamins:

The small, elongated fruit contains minerals, vitamins and fiber, which are very essential for a healthy human body.  Aloo in particular are rich in high levels of antioxidants, vitamins A, B, C and E.


 6. Prevents cancer:

Aloo Bukhara enhances immunity and helps prevent cancer.


7.   Relieves stress: 

Very useful for those like me whose nerves are weak.  It also helps keep stress at bay.

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