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Dates: Most of dates have come from Middle east country. But these Arabian dates are now available in our country with reasonable price.

A few words about Arabian dates

In fact, it is better to eat dates not only to maintain the beauty of hair and skin, but also for many other reasons.  Such as –

 Keeps the brain active:

This date is able to provide enough energy to our tired body.

 Eliminates glucose deficiency: 

We have to work regulary for maintaining daily routine. As a result, we are become tired. That’s time,  we need to eat some energetic food. In this time,you can eat dates to fulfile your body need to provide glocose.

  Prevents constipation:

Dates that are relatively hard are soaked in water overnight and drink that water on an empty stomach in the morning to get rid of constipation.

 Eliminates heart problems:

Eating date blended juice on an empty stomach will benefit heart problems in a few days.  Dates also play a very effective role in reducing heart disease.

 Keeps indigestion away:

Dates help our saliva to mix well with food.  As a result, our indigestion is largely eliminated.

 Prevents cancer:

Dates fight against cancer.  This fruit is also very effective in preventing oral cancer

 Eliminates whooping cough:

This is winter season, most of the people’s favourite season. In this season, we have to more careful to our health. cough is one them diseases which are affected people by using cold types of fruits.

 Strengthens hair roots:

The oil contained in dates is full of nutrients.  Many times the shine of the hair is lost.  A rough and dry feeling is seen in the hair.  Dates also solve the problem of hair loss.

Tightens the skin

In many cases, the skin of the face wrinkles as a result of age.  Eat 4-5 dates on an empty stomach every morning.  You will see that the stains will gradually disappear: (It looks better:)

Arabian Dates Arabian Dates Arabian Dates Arabian Dates Arabian Dates

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