Covercoco 24k Gold Serum 30ml

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Covercoco 24k Gold Serum moisturizes and nourishes your skin with various proteins. It is 99% pure gold serum. It helps to activate epidermal cells,whitening, moisturizing, smoothing, repairing your skin. It is formulated based consumer main skin issues like wrinkle, dryness, dark skin, rough and greasy skin. All of those problems caused by water shortage on your skin. Covercoco 24k gold serum will completely  make your skin free from those problems. The Plant-based essence  helps to provides a healthy and attractive looking skin to you.

Covercoco 24k Gold Serum

When you become aged, fine lines and wrinkles also appear on the face with the aging. Your skin will be tightened. It helps us to decrease the fine lines and wrinkles.  If your skin suffers from a hydration problem, it will solve it. To perform the mentioned activities, your skin must have enough elasticity. This serum will increase your skin elasticity.

covercoco 24k gold serum review

It is safe for our skin. it is 100% cruelty-free, paraben-free and safe for all skin types. it is ideal for dry and combination skin. It has also the power of oil absorption. So, there are no problems to use on oily skin.

covercoco 24k gold serum price in bd

Key Features

Covercoco london 24k gold serum luxury gold ampoule features are followings

  • It works as a moisturizer
  • A face serum that helps to make your face younger looking
  • It is a natural aesthetic skin care for your new skin solution
  • It helps to remove fine lines and wrinkle
  • It works as an anti ageing serum
  • Formulation from skin science
  • Developed by Covercoco Bio Dermatologist
  • Suitable for all skin type
  • 99% is pure


How to use it

Like other serums, you must clean face with lukewarm water so that no germs can exist on the skin. But there are no problems if any germs existed. Because it contains glycerine, it will kill germs. You can apply with the drop of the serum. them mix with your face skin. It is recommended to use in the night time to get the perfect results of this serum. You can also apply it in the morning.

covercoco 24k gold serum price in bd

Gender: Men and women

Brand: Covercoco

Age: adults, adolescents

Country of origin: China




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