Gatsby Water Gloss Soft Hair Gel – 150ml

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  • Styling ingredient binds hair closely together, so the hairstyle is held for several hours.
  • Spreads and blends well with no stickiness.
  • Gives a natural shine to hair. Easy to wash off.
  • It helps create an extreme style of your desire.
  • Wet-look shine and supple flow plus compact shape with no hard setting.

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Gatsby Water Gloss Soft Hair Gel Gatsby comes with this Water Gloss Hard Hair Styler to give you that unique hairdo. Suitable for men and women, this hair water gloss series soothes even unmanageable hair to a smooth texture. The Gatsby Water Gloss Hard Hair Styler helps you attain that wet look. Also, this hair styling gel comes with a non-sticky formula and does not make your hair greasy. This Gloss Hard Hair Styler is perfect when it comes to grooming your hair to suit a particular trend and occasion. After you get back from a party, you can easily rinse out this Gloss Hard Hair Styler with water as it contains water-type pomade. Additionally, the water-based formulation in this hair styling gel does not damage your hair and leaves a beautiful shine. Suitable for all hair types, this Water Gloss Hard Hair Styler from Gatsby helps you get that cool hairdo on-the-go no matter what type of hair you have.


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