Lanbena Vitamin c Facial Serum

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lanbena vitamin c serum price in Bangladesh

Lanbena vitamin C serum is enriched with very popular skincare ingredients like vitamin c and hyaluronic acid. Besides, it contains lots of complementary ingredients. The antioxidant properties of vitamin c and hyaluronic acid fight against the damage caused by the sun, pollution, and other factors.

The sun and age decrease the rate of collagen production on our skin. As a result, Finelines, wrinkles, the sagging effect appears on our skin. Lanbena vitamin c serum boosts the rate of collagen production. The problems of the skin disappear by solving a single problem.

It brightens the dark spots. It helps to brighten hyperpigmentation and brown spots. It impacts on the melanin production on the skin and ultimately contributes to brightens the dark spot.

It helps to wound healing. It contains vitamin c that speeds up wound healing. Regular application will improve dramatic results. It will reduce the risks of information, infection, and scaring.

When it comes to the word of hydrating on the skin, it is very important for the skin. It will help to prevent water loss on the skin and retain moisture on the skin.

It helps to even the uneven skin tone and remove the redness on the skin. It provides glow and smoothness on the skin surface and that is important for youthful-looking skin.

  • Specifications:0.5 fl oz (15ml)
  • Effects: rich in VC, this product has efficient whitening and freckle removing properties, making it capable of brightening and moisturizing the skin, and removing the skin, and removing stains and freckles
  • Ingredients: water,butylene,hydrolyzed vegetable protein,l-arginine,n-methyl-l-serine,hyaluronic acid,glycerol,EDTA disodium salt dihydrate,3-o-ethyl ascorbic acid,carbomer,triethanolamine,2-phenoxyethanol
  • Skin types:   suitable for all skin types
  • Shelf life :  3 years
  • Caution: for sensitive skin, please first test it on the inside of arm before using it

lanbena vitamin c serum price in bangladesh Lanbena Vitamin C Serum bd price lanbena vitamin c serum price in bangladesh

Lanbena Vitamin c Serum bd Lanbena Vitamin c Serum bd

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