Lifetod Pink Lip transformation kit

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This kit includes

  • a lip balm
  • a lip mask
  • a lip scrub
  • a lip oil
  • 2 lip cream
  • a bangla pdf book of product usage guidelines and taking care lip


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Pink Lip transformation kit is specially tested a collection of Lip products. Those products will help you to get pink lip.

Who can use it

It is suitable for woman. Your lip is chapped, dry, black, and damaged . you can make your lip look pink, healthy and attractive by using this kit.


  • Get attractive sexy pink lip look
  • Get glow in your lip
  • Build self care personality
  • Attract attention of people by your lip look
  • Be a comfortable and confident with your lip look

How long will it take to get results?

You will get results and see differences from same day. But You must wait at least two weeks to see healthy lip. If you continue taking care, you will see more visible results.

From which country and brand the product is originated?

Most of the product Korean and china. Brands may be difference a based on your lip condition.


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