Pesta Nuts 500g

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Pesta Nuts 500g in Bangladesh

Pesta nuts: – It is one kind of dry fruits.Pesta is the name given to the delicious green almonds.  Although the price is quite high, you can see pasta in special festivals like Payes, Semai, Polao.  Those who do not eat pistachio nuts, but also know pistachio flavored ice cream.  All in all, our relationship with this delicious dish is no less.  Pesto nuts are eaten by almost everyone.

Pesta Nuts 500g

The Benefits of Pesta Nuts

1. Safe the Heart:

Pistachios contain mono-unsaturated fats, which are very effective in controlling cholesterol levels.  As a result, pesto nuts are also effective in reducing the risk of heart disease.

2. Sources of protain:

Pesto is an excellent source of protein.

3.  Comparatively less fat:

Pesto nuts are a great source of phosphorus, potassium, sodium, copper and magnesium.  Meanwhile, the amount of fat in the product is much less than nuts.

4.  Safe from disease :

For those who are diabetic, the healthfey oil contained in pistachios is especially beneficial.

5.  Help to skin bright :

Eating a certain amount of nuts every day makes the skin pale and bright

6. Collection of Vitamins:

Pesto nuts are rich in vitamin B-6.

Which is especially beneficial for those who are not dependent on insulin, the healthy oil contained in pistachio nuts for those with diabetes.

7. Strong bones:

Pistachios contain a type of antioxidant called lutein which helps in preventing various physical problems caused by age such as muscle weakness and cataracts.

The fiber present in it helps in preventing constipation.

8. Safe liver:

Pistachios are quite beneficial for dental diseases and liver problems.  Pesto nuts purify the blood.

How to eat: –

1.  Wake up every morning on an empty stomach and eat nuts soaked in milk or water the night before.

2.  When eaten on an empty stomach, the nutrients of almonds will be digested quickly by the body.  Eating 6/7 hours of nuts daily is enough.

3.  Do not eat fried nuts or processed nuts with salt.

4.  Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice.  It is best to chew raw.  Otherwise eat with any milk or sweet food.  You can also mix it with milk and eat it.  Source: Health Digest,

Pesta Nuts 500g Pesta Nuts 500g Pesta Nuts 500g


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