100% Pure tea tree essential oil 30ml

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Tea tree essential oil is used for various skin care purposes. It has various benefits on the skin.  It is made from tea tree leaves. The tea tree grows in Australia. Now Many companies are manufacturing tea tree oil commercially and selling worldwide. It is the number one oil in the skincare industry. Because it is very effective to prevent and removes various skin problems. and causes very little side effects. You can use it multiple purposes for your skin benefits.  Here are the key benefits that will provide this product promised by the manufacturer.

  • Antifungal
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Antiseptic
  • Antiviral
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Kind to skin

How to use tea tree essential oil

Apply one or two drops on the skin where you want. Use a cotton bud to apply properly.

Can I use tea tree essential oil for hair?

Yes, As it contains antibacterial properties, it will help to make a dandruff-free scalp and moisturize your scalp. It will prevent the oiliness of the scalp.  As a result, It will accelerate hair growth. If you want to grow your hair, you can use it without hesitation.

Can I put tea tree essential oil on shampoo?

Yes, Like any other organic hair growth oil, you can also put your tea tree oil on shampoo, to get tea tree oil benefits. If you do not want to do this, you can buy shampoo that contains tea tree oil.

Does tea tree essential oil help to get better sleep?

Yes, but indirectly. Lavender oil helps directly, to get better sleep, But tea tree oil indirectly. As tea tree oil fights against bacteria on your head, the lice and other parasites on your hair also will be reduced. As a result, It will gel free form itchy head and you will get better sleep.

Can tea tree essential oil remove skin tags?

Yes, Take cotton buds, and 2 or 3 drops tea tree essential oil, then affix it with a bandage. Use 3 times a week until you get free from the tea tree oil.

Have any side effects of tea tree essential oil?

Although Every company claims there are no side effects using their organic oils, There are pretty side effect may have. like irritation, swelling, skin dryness, itching, burning, and redness.That why we recommend always abide by their directions provided on the product.

Safety warnings: External use only. Keep away from the eyes. asthmatics should not inhale. If you suffer from Epilepsy, skin allergies, are pregnant, using homeopathic remedies, seek professional advice before use, It is recommended that tea tree essential oil is not be used on babies under one year of age. keep out of reach of children.

Gender: Man and Women

Age: Adult, adolescent

Developed in the UK

Made in the PRC

Net content: 10ml


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