Vicks Baby Rub for Baby Relax 50g

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Vicks baby rub is an ointment-like cream for babies 3 months and above. It was developed by a skin expert to provide moisture, soothe, calm, and relax for babies. It is non medicated formula to provide comfort and soft skin feeling experience for babies. It is made with aloe vera & coconut oil and fragrance of lavender, rosemary & Eucalyptus. For three months babies play in the ground and often suffer from various diseases. Besides, their mild skin may be damaged by carelessness. This product may be a good solution to fight against those problems.

How to use it

At first clean your baby. then, You can apply it with massaging gently. on chest, neck, back, and soles of feet. It is not recommended to use directly on the face, broken skin, in the mouth, or in nostrils. It is also recommended not to use keep away from the child and avoid eye contact. Lid off when it is not in use.

Formulation: ointment

Net content: 50g

Made in India

Common Questions

Is it safe for babies?

Yes, it is safe for baby skin. There are no harmful side effects that have been proven for baby skin so far.

Does it have menthol?

No, It does not contain menthol. Menthol is used to relieve nasal congestion. But it is for providing comfort to the babies. so, there is no need to use menthol on Vicks baby rub

How often should I use baby rub?

You can use it a minimum of 1 time a day, But not more than 3 times.

Does it help with congestion?

No, it does not help nasal congestion. To help nasal congestion, you can use Vicks inhaler.


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