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Face wash is a better alternative to soap. We wash our face with face wash. It removes dirt, oil, and sweat from the face.

Your face skin is more sensitive and important for you. So you should think twice to use anything on the face area. Most of the soap is not suitable for the face skin. Face Wash is made specially to use on the face area.

Which face wash is the best for my face?

You should choose face wash based on your face skin type and concerns. You may think to choose face wash based on your gender. Actually, Gender does not matter in the use of face wash. The main difference between men’s and women’s face wash is on the name,  not functions. You can know how to choose face wash based on your skin type. You will know which face wash is best for oily, dry, normal, combination, acne&pimple prone skin,

How to determine your face skin type?

dry skin

oily skin

normal skin

combination skin

Face Wash Vs. Face Cleanser Vs. Face Scrub Vs. Micellar Water: What’s the Difference?

Face wash

  • You can use daily
  • It is an alternative to soap
  • It can not cleanse makeup and other cosmetic products from the face

Face cleanser

  • You can use daily
  • It is not an alternative to soap
  • It is more moisturizing and hydrating than a face wash
  • It more gentle than a face wash
  • It removes dust, dirt, and pollutants and kills bacteria effectively then face wash
  • It can cleanse makeup and other cosmetics products from the face

Face scrub

  • You can not use it daily and more than three times a week
  • It is specially made to exfoliate your skin. It means that it is formulated only for removing dead cells from the damaged skin. It removes old and dead skin cell to unlock younger skin
  • It is not used to cleanse makeup products

Micellar Water

  • You can not use it daily
  • It specially formulated to remove makeup and other cosmetic products

Is using face wash during pregnancy safe?

It depends on the face wash ingredients. It is not recommended to use chemical-based harsh face wash. during pregnancy. Vitamin c and natural ingredients-based face wash are safe during pregnancy.

Can I use my face wash as a hand washes?

No, you should not do this. Hand wash is made with chemicals to kill germs effectively. But Many face wash does not contain suitable chemicals to kill germs effectively. Our face skin can not bear chemical which our hand skin can.

Formulation of face wash

Face Wash formulation may be in many forms. It may be gel, cream, foam, scrub, and water-based

Which face wash is best for skin Whitening?

There is no safe face wash for skin whitening. Instead of this, you can use skin-lightening face wash. There is a risk to use skin whitening face wash. So, you can use skin-lightening face wash. There are many safe face wash available for skin lightening.

Are there any side effects to use face wash?

The answer is yes. Wrong face wash and wrong use of face wash can damage your skin. So, you should use the right face wash and correctly.

Tips to avoid face wash reaction

  • Never use duplicate products
  • After using a few days if you notice any negative effects on your skin, Stop using it forever.
  • Always read the  manufacturer direction before using them and follow
  • Try to avoid using any chemical-based cosmetic product during pregnancy.

How to use and when to use face wash?

If you wash your face once a day, You should use it at night. Because Night is the best time for skin repair and breathing. You can use face wash at any time in the daytime to clear oil, dirt, and sweat.

You should use a brush to apply face wash. But it,s okay to use your hand to apply face wash. But make sure, your hand is germ-free. Then apply face wash on the wet face and massage for a few minutes to clean. If it is scrub, you should not massage not more than three minutes.

how to use face wash

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Face washing 101


Face wash or soap which is good for the face?

The straight answer is a face wash. Because Our face skin is very unprotected than any other part of our body skin. It has to fight against many environmental damages like UV and dirt. So, It is very important to improve and maintain it,s health.  It expresses our external beauty and provides confidence in the workplace. The soap contains a large number of chemicals. Some of them may cause adverse reactions to your skin.. Besides, It may damage your light and sensitive skin. As a result, your skin may lose brightness and moisture. So, Most of the soap is not suitable for face skin.

On the other hand, Face Wash is specially formulated for the face skin.  It contains fewer chemicals and soap. It does not over-dry your face skin. As a result, Your skin will not lose moisture. It provides germ protection. There is a wide range of variants of face wash based on your face skin types. So, there are higher chances that face wash will be suited to your skin. That’s why Facewash is good for skin than soap.

Can face wash cause pimples?

Yes, Face wash can cause pimples. If you wash your face several times a day.. It may cause pimples on your face. So, do not apply face wash more than two times a day. If you need to wash your face more than two times a day, just apply fresh wash water to wash your face.

What should a face wash contain?

Face wash may contain many ingredients. But all of the ingredients are not equally important for all skin types. There are some ingredients that should look for in the face wash and must-have in your face wash.

  • Retinol- It helps to remove wrinkles, fine lines, and age marks.
  • Hyaluronic acid- It helps to hydrate your skin and improves your skin elasticity and moisture. It makes your skin soft and smooth
  • Vitamin C:-It helps to provide glow in your skin and even your uneven skin
  • Salicylic acid- It helps to fight against acne. it is an essential element for your oily skin. It prevents excessive oil production on your skin and unclogs the pores
  • Peptides- It helps to firm skin and fade acne scars and blemishes.
  • Ceramides- It helps to retain moisture and protect your skin from dryness
  • Vitamin E- It helps to nourish your skin and repair your damaged skin

is cleanser better than face wash? 

In most cases, the cleanser is better than the face wash. The face wash is one type of cleanser that cleanses dirt, oil, and clogged pores. It is suitable and better than a cleanser for your oily face. But a cleanser is better than a face wash for dry, sensitive, and a combination. The cleanser is very mild and hydrates your skin. It is very important to prevent skin problems. It cleans dirt and oil retaining moisture on the skin. Besides, It can also remove the other cosmetic products from the face.

Excessive oil removal by the face wash can be problematic for your skin. So, it is better to use a cleanser for dry, sensitive, and combination skin.

What is a good face wash to use every day?

There are many facewashes that you can use every day. We can mention a few of them. But You should notice some features and ingredients in the face wash that you can use every day. A face wash that can be used every day must be gentle and contains emollients, surfactants, and a few chemical ingredients. If it very harsh and feel dry after washing, do not use it regularly. You should use such type of face wash occasionally.

At what age should you start using face wash?

There are no hard and fast roles for using a face wash. You can use face wash at any age irregularly. But If you want to include face wash in your skincare routine, We recommend you are at least 16 years old. But some dermatologists suggest that you should include face wash in your skincare routine after 24 years old.

What is a good face wash routine?

Washing face is the first step of the skincare routine. If you want to apply any skincare product like moisturizer, sunscreen, and other skincare products, you should start with face wash. Then you can apply toner, serum, eye cream, or whatever you want to apply to your skin

can I use a face wash with eyelash extensions?

No, You can not use a face wash with eyelash extension. It will reduce the durability of the eyelash. When you use face wash, you need water. If there is water flow on an eyelash, It losses the eyelash glow. Instead of face wash, you can use water or a foam-based gel cleanser. If you wash your face using such a cleanser, you can avoid water flow on the eyelash. But you must follow some tricks to wash your face.

You can use a facial sponge to apply a cleanser to the forehead. Make sure that your sponge is excess water-free. Apply the upper eyelid and lash line and repeat the same procedure on the lower lash line.

Top Popular Face Wash Brands in Bangladesh

Ponds, Neutrogena, Lakme, Loreal, Charcoal, Lotus Herbal, Olay, Garnier, Himalaya, EverYuth, Mistine, Nivea, VLCC, Simple, Beauty formulas, The body shop, Clean and Clear, fair & lovely, Clearasil, Biore, Aveeno, Stives, Tea tree, Boots, YC Whitening, Gatsby, Vaseline, and Jhonson

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Ponds, Loreal, Jhonson, VLCC and Garnier

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Loreal,s Men Expert White Active Anti-Acne Volcano Brightening Foam

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