Pink Lady Secret Soap

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  • Pink Lady Secret Soap
  • A special soap bar for a woman
  • It does not have any side effects
  • It helps to get odor-free and refresh the secret area.
  • It prevents and kills all types of bacteria from intimate area
  • This Pink lady feminine soap  is a product of Thailand
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Details of Pink Lady Secret Soap

Pink Lady Secret Soap is a feminine wash bar. It is infused with effective and organic ingredients. They help you to get refreshed and virgin-feeling all day. It removes bacteria, unpleasant odor, and waste from the secret area. It helps you to get whitening and moisturizing, and tighten skin. It restores feminine freshness with a natural cooling effect.

Regular use of this soap will help you to tightens vaginal muscles. Without harsh cleansing, the most sensitive area of a woman, Maintains the proper natural moisture of the skin. It reduces inflammation and irritating the skin from bacteria and other Infections, Itching, Burning Sensation, and Unpleasant Odors.

Benefits of use

  • Fight against bacteria
  • Make whiten the secret place
  • Helps to make it odor-free and tighten
  • Remove the black spots on your secret area
  •  No side effects made from completely natural ingredients.
  • Helps reduce unwanted odors
  • It reduces vaginal itching
  • It reduces vaginal discharge.
  • Has the effects as an anti-inflammatory.
  • Has a sweet rose scent, 100% natural herbs

How to use it

Massage this soap in your secret area for 2-4 minutes every day during bathing.


It contains 100% natural herbal ingredients and repairing herbs (Centella Asiatica, enoteca lappaeca, Tanaka extract) honey extract, It also contains B vitamins and various nourishing oils.

Size: 30g

Country of origin: Thailand

Pink Lady Secret Soap Pink Lady Secret Soap Pink Lady Secret Soap Pink Lady Secret Soap Pink Lady Secret Soap

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